Showa - Tempura Batter

Product: Tempura Batter
Weight: 1 kg
Product Info: Tempura is a Japanese dish where various vegetables and seafood are deep fried in a very light, iced batter. Tempura is different to other fried foods as the batter is often chilled before being used to give an extremely delicate crunch that feels much healthier than normal deep fried foods.
Cooking Tips: All you need is iced water to make a light and crispy tempura batter.
• Mix 100g of this tempura flour with 160ml of iced water.
• Heat up oil in a large pan to 160°C – 180°C
• Dip your prawns or vegetables in the batter, then cook in the oil until golden and crispy.
Origin: Japan
Product Code: 11318

Type: Asian

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